Ernesto Traditional Kitchen Scales – Glossy Blue


Removable bowl made from high quality stainless steel (approx. 1.6L) – dishwasher safe
Robust, powder-coated metal housing

Package contents
This appliance is supplied with the following components as standard:
▯ Kitchen scales
▯ Cradle
▯ Weighing bowl
▯ 2 Screws
▯ These operating instructions

1 Weighing bowl
2 Screw
3 Cradle
4 Pins
5 Zero setting wheel
6 Pointer
7 Scale
Technical data
Maximal weighing capacity 5 kg
Weight increments 20 g
Capacity: Weighing bowl 1 1,6 liter
All of the parts of this appliance
that come into contact with food
are food-safe.

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