Premium Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Carved Handles – 40 cm x 30 cm


Unique and Beautifully designed with multiple uses, this Premium Acacia Wood Cutting Board is a must have item in any home. Connect with family and friends over beautifully displayed foods as a platter / charcuterie board, carve up that tender Sunday Roast or simply slice and dice up some healthy freshness on this versatile spacious board.

With a generous 40 cm x 30 cm surface, this reversible multipurpose large wooden board has a hardy 4cm thickness that will stand the test of time for chopping as a Butchers Block. Effortlessly change sides with ergonomically inbuilt side handles to assist with transferring from kitchen to table for an epicurean style feast. This rustic home style board is made to entertain with a large serving area to enhance your creativity with displaying your charcuterie or party platters.

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