About Us

About Us

Nortram Retail is a leading Ghanaian online store focused on providing quality product lines to give maximum choice to our discerning customers.

We provide our customers with high quality products at competitive factory direct prices. The more you buy, the more you save! Whether you’re a personal buyer looking to make bulk purchases, a store owner or business wholesaler searching for suppliers to give your business the competitive edge, Nortram Retail is perfect for you thanks to our high quality products, low  prices and truly professional service.

Nortram Retail makes it possible for sellers to showcase their products on our website.


Our Mission

Nortram Retail exists to provide quality essential products at unparalleled competitive prices by using the best technology to make them available to our customers. We do this by enabling suppliers reach a global audience for their products and helping buyers find products quickly and efficiently.

Our Vision

To be the leading online marketplace and expand our products to become central to the everyday lives of Ghanaian consumers. We aim to build and transform the landscape of e-commerce in Ghana and Africa.