Trudeau 3- Piece Oil & Vinegar Spray Bottles


This beautiful 3-piece oil bottle set is made of glass and features a stainless-steel band. Simply tilt the oil or vinegar bottle and the lids automatically open. The oil bottles also have an integrated drip catcher for no-mess use. The oil spray bottle features an integrated filter that allows you to infuse your own oil.


  • 2 – 9” Automatic oil bottles
  • 1 – 9” Oil spray bottle


  • Automatic oil bottle – Simply tilt and lid automatically opens
  • Automatic oil bottle –  Integrated drip-catcher
  • Oil spray bottle – Integrated filter allowing you to infuse flavor oil
  • Oil spray bottle – Nozzle spray
  • Glass bodies

Use and Care Instructions:

  • Tight the cap securely, making sure that the silicone piece inside is in place
  • Do not fill higher than the MAX line
  • Pump well until you feel good resistance. The more the bottle empties of its oil, the more it must be pumped.

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