Sano Blue Water Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Long Lasting Air Freshener


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  • ALL IN ONE – multi-functional portable toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant, deodoriser, urine stains and odor remover, prevents limescale build up and leaves the water in a blue colour of cleanliness
  • USE – suitable for every water toilet cistern with a removable top cover in your house, office, hotels, schools; wait for the tank to fill up with water, insert the block upright inside the cistern, place it carefully at the bottom in a vertical position in some of the corners, make sure the air from the cassette is completely gone, will become active in about hour or two
  • LONG LASTING automatic perfumed toilet chemical cleaner, coloring water in blue for UP TO  900 Flushes, strong and powerful bad smell eliminator, spreads a fresh fragrance after every flush
  • ANTIBACTERIAL and antimicrobial cleaner and sanitiser, kill 99,9% of germs, keeps the flushing tank and toilet bowl clean eliminating various health hazards
  • CLEANING – urine stains removal, odour neutraliser, forms a protective layer against dirt and scale build up, keeps your WC nice and clean