Salter 2-In-1 Floor-to-Ceiling Cleaning Multi Vacuum


Make vacuuming your home less of a chore with this vacuum that is light and easy to control. This Salter 2-In-1 Corded Multi Vacuum is perfect if you fancy treating yourself to a new, more user-friendly vacuum, and is great for an overall clean from floor to ceiling. With 2 interchangeable heads for hard floors and carpets, this 600W vacuum features a washable HEPA filter and cyclonic technology.

Accessories Included
Floor brush, Crevice tool, Brush tool, Aluminium extension tube
  • Perfect for floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • 2 Interchangeable heads for hard floors and carpets
  • Washable HEPA filter and cyclonic technology
  • Efficient, smooth and fast cleaning experience
  • Great for hard-to-reach spaces

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