Russell Hobbs Maxicook Slow Cooker – 6L


The Russell Hobbs  6 Litres digital slow cooker with searing pot offers precision and convenience for achieving optimal tenderness and maximum taste. If you have a busy day ahead, simply prep your ingredients and put them in the slow cooker. Your dinner will be cooking whilst you’re out, giving you a delicious home cooked meal for when you arrive back. Additionally, the programmable delay timer allows you to dictate when the slow cooking will start – you can add your ingredients way in advance yet ensure the food won’t be overdone and will be cooked just how you like it.

The aluminium pan also allows you to sear your meats on the hob, without having to use a separate pan. Then you simply transfer the cook pot back to the slow cooker and use as normal, resulting in less mess and saved time.

Results are succulent, juicy stews and hearty hotpots with next to no effort.

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