Ora Kitchen Roll Multipurpose Eco Friendly Round Paper Towels One Hand Grab – 100 sheets


The super strong and endlessly versatile all-round household towel, that’s ready for just about anything. Perfect for cleaning, cooking, baking, catering, napkins, snacks, placemats, painting, craft, pet messes, gardening and so much more. Ora’s extra compact stack fits neatly into your hand and your life. It’s so economical and eco-friendly you’ll wonder how you’ve rolled along for so long without it!

Ora is the world’s first household towel with round sheets. Each sheet fits your hand perfectly for an effortless one-hand grab and offers countless uses beyond traditional household tasks. Its unique and innovative stacking design, with no inner cardboard tube, provides twice the number of sheets compared to a traditional kitchen towel roll. With no perforations, it offers an easy one-hand grab so there is no tearing, no unravelling and no wastage making it an eco-friendlier purchase. Ora’s innovative and bold design not only challenges conventions of what a household towel should look like but has ensured there is less packaging and fewer trucks on the road.

  • 1 Ora stack has 100 sheets: the same as 2 traditional kitchen rolls
  • Sheet diameter 235mm
  • Total area of paper 4.3m2
  • All measurements are averages

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