Gotham Steel Non-stick Copper Crisper Tray Set, Air fry in your oven – XXL


The amazing Gotham Steel crisping fryer that works in your oven. Get the crunch & crisp you cant resist without added oils or fat. Unique elevated non-stick tray allows super heated air to pass through & circulate around all 360 degrees of your food for the perfect crisp & brown all around.Item Dimensions: Tray size 16.5″ x 12.5″ Basket size 16″ x 12″

  • Our Gotham Steel Crisper Tray works like an oil-less fryer taking up less pace & energy and can even be used to grill & bake foods too.
  • Now, you can make your favorite fried foods without oil or butter & right in your oven! Mesh basket is elevated above the tray allowing the entire contents of the tray to be surrounded & absorb the heat being emitted. This allows the inside to be soft yet fully cooked, and the outside to be super crunchy and crisp, the best possible texture one can achieve in food!

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