Cookhouse 3 Roasting Trays with Racks


Helping you to prepare a delicious homemade meal, the set of three non-stick roasting trays with wire racks will make a stylish and practical solution to your roasting needs. The three different sized trays are all made from strong and durable metal and given a non-stick coating allowing you to use less oil for a healthier meal. The wire racks sit just above the bottom of the tray for any excess fat to drip off. Easy to clean, the roasting trays will make a great addition to your kitchen. Premier Housewares offers a wide, varied selection of kitchen accessories at competitive designed for any home. They are easy to clean and durable for everyday use.


34 x 24 cm Approx.

31 x 21 cm Approx.

28 x 29 cm




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