Artisan Wax Painted Candle. Re-purpose as Flower Vase


This artisan made candle was created using exclusive process of hand painting colored wax inside clear glass. Each candle is hand poured in the USA using fine fragrances and essential oils with vessels designed to be re-purposed.

The wax blends contain soy wax and other natural based waxes with wicks made from natural cotton.

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Repurpose this beautiful hand painted glass as a flower vase or luminary. It may be refilled with 7.6 cm / 3 in diameter pillar or tealight.

Set includes:

  • Reusable Wax Painted Vase
  • Glass Wax Filled Cylinder

Features include:

  • Burns 120 hours
  • 24oz
  • Hand Poured
  • Soy Blend
  • Made in the USA