Anchor Hocking 16-Piece Central Park Drinkware Set


Central Park drinkware dresses up a social event and keeps it casual at the same time. Anchor Hocking achieves this with a combination of impressive styling and durable glass. Like cut crystal, the contemporary design of Central Park shows sculptural, freeform flames dancing up gracefully curved sides from a textured base. Unlike crystal, there’s little worry about chipping. The result is a glass that fits the hand comfortably, provides traction when the sides are wet with condensation, and stands up to everyday use.

A patio party or family gathering benefits from this comprehensive set of 16 drinking glasses. Included are eight 17-ounce tumblers, each measuring 2-3/4 by 6 inches, a perfect size for iced tea, soda, and sparkling water; and eight 12-ounce glasses, ideal for juice or cocktails at 3 inches in diameter and 3-3/4 in height. Proudly made by Anchor Hocking in the United States.


  • 16-piece Central Park glassware set for everyday use.
  • Freeform flame design rises from textured base.
  • Durable, chip-resistant glass.
  • Dishwasher-safe


  •  8 x 12 oz (354 ml)
  • 8 x 16 oz (473 ml)

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