35 Non-Slip Hangers


This 35 pack of  Hangers features a non slip velvet material that holds clothes in place without falling or sagging. The contoured shoulders keep clothes shapes while the additional notches help to keep accessories in place. The durable and sturdy design is able to hold clothes up to 10 pounds. How long have you been saying “I need get organized, clean out my closet, and make more room?” Now you can with these velvet anti slip hangers. This hanger has a non slip surface that is gentle on delicate garment’s and prevents fabrics from slipping and creasing. It helps to preserve your garments natural shape. Its ultra slim, space saving design helps make the most use of available hanging room and can increase closet space by as much as 50%. Easily hang up everything from delicate blouses to full suits with these Non Slip Hangers.


  • Ultra thin design to maximize wardrobe space
  • Flocked velvet-like texture to prevent slipping
  • Soft touch and grip
  • Heavy duty strength

Dimensions :

  •  17.75″ L x 9.5″ H x 1/8″ W

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